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How Telepractice can make your life easier!

Let’s face it: many people today struggle to fit everything in to their busy schedule, week to week. They have a full time job, kids to care for and countless errands that need to be done. For those who wish to receive voice therapy or voice/speech training; trying to find the time to make it to their speech therapist’s office can be a daunting task!

This is where telepractice can make your life easier! Telepractice involves meeting with your therapist online to receive services. Today’s technology insures that you will be able to hear and see your therapist as easily as you would in person, and they you. Research has shown the efficacy of speech services is no less than receiving services in person. You can read more about that here: Telepractice Delivery Model

Want more tips on how to make your online session a success? Here are some from THERAplatform, the secure and HIPAA compliant platform we use here at New Leaf Voice!


1. Computer: a PC or a Mac

2. Internal or external video camera

3. Internal or external speakers, a microphone, or headphones. (If you do not have headphones and microphone, a gaming headset will work fine! Do not rely just on computer audio)

4. Latest Google Chrome browser; If you do not have the latest version of this browser, please refer to this article: How to Download Compatible Browser

5. Adequate Internet speed: We recommend a minimum Internet speed of 3MB/sec. You can test your Internet speed by clicking here: Fast test . TheraPlatform also operates at lower speeds, but the faster is your Internet speed, the greater is your experience.

If you would like a free demo of this service, New Leaf Voice can arrange an online meeting to show you how everything works! Call #704-312-5422.

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