I'm proud to offer the following services:

Voice Evaluation

Voice evaluation is the first service recommended for those seeking voice treatment or training. 

Voice Therapy

This treatment is to address hoarseness or vocal fatigue due to functional, organic, and/or neurological voice disorders. 

Transgender Voice Modification

This service is focused on training the individual on how to safely alter specific voice characteristics and communication style to better align with their gender identity.

Executive Coaching

This service aims to teach professionals effective strategies for preparing and delivering presentations and keynote addresses.

Vocal Training for Actors

What is the actor's main responsibility? To be understood. Voice and speech training allows the actor to: project to the back row, articulate tricky lines clearly, perform emotionally demanding scenes without strain, etc. 

Accent Modification

Whether English is your second language, or you are an American with a strong regionalism, this service can help people focus on what you are saying (instead of how you are saying it!)

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